Exercises for building Confidence

#Gratitude, #Journaling, recognizing your success. All necessary things


After reading and learning more about self-confidence, I was keen to know what is that I can do on daily basis to build confidence.

No matter how much we read about something or understand a concept, to apply it in our daily lives, we need to make a conscious effort. This can be done by adopting a few daily rituals which over some time, become habits. In my opinion, these habits help one in building self-confidence.

  1. Maintain a gratitude diary- Gratitude diary helps one in recognizing and appreciating the little things in life. It makes one realize that life is not all that bad and teaches us to find happiness in our connections, achievements, and daily experiences. When we start appreciating our life, we become more accepting of ourselves which eventually builds self-confidence.
  2. Write down every small success on daily basis- Sometimes having an eye on top of the ladder…

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