I loved this poem. It is full of great images

Eunoia Review

cold winter darkness
closes in the ache
of a passing year
in small rooms light collects
over comforters, in books
under a twisting jade
we know well this quiet now
the familiar shadows
art of life still to be made
the markings of time fade
in the old youth of a new moon
pasts of song, eves dance
fresh snow glistens in a blue street
New year, a hug hung on a peg
waits for the knock
our shoes gathered by the door

David Yerex Williamson is a poet living in Treaty V territory in northern Manitoba, Canada. His recent works have appeared in The Dalhousie Review, Aesthetica Magazine, Prairie Fire, The New Quarterly and The Prairie Journal. David is a member of the League of Canadian Poets. Through Disassembled Houses of Perfect Stones is his first full-length poetry collection, released by At Bay Press…

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