God Awful Thief (God Awful Series Book 2) Book Review

God Awful Thief (God Awful Series Book 2) 

I purchased this book because, well, I read the first one.  Geez.  So the first book in the series got me to buy this second book in the series.  

Like the first one, it is a unique concept with a unique hero Cupid.  And like any good hero he is flawed.  This added tension and also humor.  

Also like the first one, the hero gave me pause. So did the other characters.  Afterall, Cupid is a free-loving sort of person. In this book there is a Bacchus- who loves and promotes wine. Alcohol.  However, I realized that the stories of roman gods are filled with all sorts of bad behavior- infidelity, etc.  I am not a prude, it just crossed my mind.

However, as I read, I noticed that Acevedo handled these subjects well.  She did not gloss over them, but she also did not draw attention to them.  Kids are savvy these days.

But enough about a non-topic.  The writing in these series is great.  The story involves action and magic.  The pace is light and fun. It is what you want from a yound adult story about magical beings.  The action should be big and take place in cool places in the world and on Olympus.

I can’t wait to read the final book in the series.

God Awful Thief (God Awful Series Book 2) by [Silvia Acevedo, Jeff Miracola]