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I am Tom Cannon.  I am in the inaugural poet laureate of Oshkosh.  My role is to foster creativity and artistic expression.  I have been focusing on how poetry and all types of writing is a path to emotional wellbeing.  The more we all write and journal, the more we find out about ourselves, and this will lead to a more peaceful and respectful culture.

I also believe that by listening to poems, we learn more about the similarities and differences between people.

As the poet laureate, I have held workshops, written two poems celebrating Oshkosh and two poems promoting National Transit Equity Day.  I also have two books and over 50 poems and short stories published.

I am eager to bring people together through poetry. My presentations can be tailored to your organization and range from how to write poetry to using writing for mental health.

To schedule an event, please contact me through email: or at this phone number: Phone: (920) 236-5206

To find out more, I have a YouTube channel (@ThomasCannonAuthor) where I have short videos on the importance of Poetry. I also have a website at


Thomas Cannon

The Tao of Apathy.
author of the novel The Tao of Apathy.