Oshkosh Poet Laureate Todo/donelist

The poet Laureate:

  1. Held 7 open mics This includes contacting venues, setting up times, creating posters, promoting them on social media, setting up the stage and sound system and then hosting the open mics. The poet laureate is proud that some people were thankful for a chance to read their poetry to an audience for the first time.
  2. created Oshkosh Poet Laureate Facebook group and post in it regularly.
  3. created an Oshkosh Poet Laureate Chapbook. This included calling for submissions, spending many hours collating and formatting the book. Originally just going to be a pdf, he had many copies printed in book form and gives them away in person and at Planet Perk and The New Moon.
  4. Will hold a workshop on poetry writing at the Oshkosh Public library on April 13th.
  5. Promoted the Poet-tree last April on social media. Created a video for it.
  6. Judged the 175 entries for the Downtown Poetry walk  Also promoted it. Shared winning and nonwinning poems that were posted on OPL’s website on social media,
  7. Helped develop poet laureate program in North Fond du lac and Appleton.
  8.  critiqued Jeffrey McAndrew’s poetry book “My Heart At Ease” and wrote the foreword.
  9. critiqued Rose Bingham’s poetry book and reviewed it to help promote it.
  10. was on Jeffrey McAndrew’s podcast about poetry.
  11.  was on Timber Smith’s podcast “The Kosh” I promoted The Lakefly Writers conference, the library, Poetry Month, and the importance of poetry.
  12. Held two workshops for poetry month at the library in 2022.
  13. Wrote and recited a poem for the state of the city address in 2022
  14. Wrote and recited a poem for the city of the city address in 2023
  15. Wrote 2 poems for Transit Equity Day  at the request of a resident
  16. Created a Oshkosh Poet show on Youtube (@Thomascannonauthor) and broadcasted on the Oshkosh Media Channel (I think it is still on)
  17.  records, edits and posts the open mics on youtube.
  18. Held a workshop on Poetry in Winneconne
  19. Will hold another workshop in Winneconne in summer 2023.
  20. Judged the Poetry Outloud contest
  21. Spoke at the Lakefly Writers Conference in 2022.  Will cohost a session with the new poet laureate of North Fond du lac.
  22. Spoke at the open mic under the dome in 2022.
  23. Will read at the open mic under the down in 2023.
  24. Spoke at the Northeastern Book Festival in Waukesha. Connected with the poet laureate of Racine- Lisa Vihos and the poet laureate for the Village of Wales, Wisconsin- Jim Landwehr.
  25. Created a proposal to have poetry stamped in various places around the city
  26. Created a proposal to have poetry walks in various places around the city
  27. helping put on the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets Spring Conference here in Oshkosh at the convention center.
  28. planning on doing another workshop in Winneconne. 
  29. doing a workshop in mid-April at the Oshkosh Public Library.