Writing worlds

Journal entry

she held onto his promise like a cat that sunned itself on a sliver of sunlight.

today my son had an solo ensemble “thing.” It is such a special thing to see kids doing creative, beautiful things, but as a writer I also like to see a glimpse of people’s worlds. The choir teachers and the other volunteers have a way of life I find it interesting to see. I want to know their vocabulary and their interactions. I want to create characters- I was going to say plop them into a reality that I have researched. But really just like real life, the setting creates the characters and vice versa. That’s what makes it interesting. My little world is education. It influence the kind of character I am and in a small way, I influence what my little world looks like.

Isn’t part of literature, giving a glimpse into other’s lives. We search for common experiences we call being human and we try to glean what makes each other see things in different ways.