Interesting that this entry doesn’t talk about Trump meeting with the Taliban and making the agreement to leave.

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The closing of Bagram Airbase by the Obama administration was not a mistake … It was a plan …

The strategic location of Bagram Airport was/is crucial to America … Friends watch this whole thing develop … The Biden administration is following through with the plans of the Obama administration for the total takedown of America … The proverbial shite has hit the fan … Develop discernment, seek God, how long are some willing to be screwed, glued, and tattooed by our pre-Trump and post-Trump administrations? Can’t you see the mosaic unfolding? …. Why were Donald Trump and his family and his administration hated so much? … Because ‘they’ stood directly opposed to all that is happening and that was being planned … Frank … More later…

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Vaccinations are like Motorcycle Parking

Doesn’t this go on a lot? By all of us and on many things. But as an example, so many people got angry over the quarantine. Like me, they are angry and did not bother getting the facts. There is the other issue of the concerted effort of people to disparage the experts and fire people up. But for too many things, we see something, and it seems wrong to us. But we never search out information. We never assume that people or organizations have a good reason for their actions (I actually wrote a funny novel on how they don’t).

A friend or a Foe?

Great advice. I also like to think of thoughts as an actually train of thoughts. Let any negative ones stay on the train and go on their way.


The crowd is watching you. All the lights are on you. The moment for which you had worked so hard is finally here.

Will I be able to do this?” you asked

You are very scared. What if you make a mistake? What if the other people laugh at you?” replied your friend

So many people are out there waiting for me, am I really capable?” you asked again

Well… I don’t think it was not your worth that got you here. It was a mere coincidence and your luck, you don’t belong here” replied your friend

Do you want a friend like this?

Such people are your enemies hiding behind the mask of a friend. Nobody wants them but everybody has got at least one of them.

You know who? It is you!

The conversation you read above is what almost…

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Exercises for building Confidence

#Gratitude, #Journaling, recognizing your success. All necessary things


After reading and learning more about self-confidence, I was keen to know what is that I can do on daily basis to build confidence.

No matter how much we read about something or understand a concept, to apply it in our daily lives, we need to make a conscious effort. This can be done by adopting a few daily rituals which over some time, become habits. In my opinion, these habits help one in building self-confidence.

  1. Maintain a gratitude diary- Gratitude diary helps one in recognizing and appreciating the little things in life. It makes one realize that life is not all that bad and teaches us to find happiness in our connections, achievements, and daily experiences. When we start appreciating our life, we become more accepting of ourselves which eventually builds self-confidence.
  2. Write down every small success on daily basis- Sometimes having an eye on top of the ladder…

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Poetry Published in the “Fallow Ground” Issue of the Inwood Indiana

I have a poem or two in here as well. I love Inwood Indiana Press

Megha's World


I’m stoked to be in the next issue of the Inwood Indiana. My Poem “Dance of the death” and “Town Bell” has been selected for publication in the forthcoming issue ” Fallow Ground” by Inwood Indiana Press. Inwood Indiana is one of the sister presses of the Prolific Press.

Inwood Indiana, the smallest press in the world, is proud to introduce Fallow Ground, bursting with small-town stories, world-class poetry, tales of horror and woe, and all things peculiar.

Featuring fine poems and stories by Edward Ahern, Tyler Ayers, Jonathan Bracker, Thomas Cannon, Len Carber, Erin Dewimille, John Dorroh, Milton Ehrlich, Helen Flanders, Arvilla Fee, Francis Flavin, Keith Gaboury, Annette Gagliardi, Susan Gentry, Dennis Gilliam, Gene Goldfarb, John Grey, Cordelia Hanemann, Tiffany Harmon, William Hunt, Chip Jett, Rebecca Kane, Margaret Karmazin, C.L. Killgore, Abigail Kipp, Wendy Lee Klenetsky, Josef Krebs, Bruce Levine, Rebecca Linam, Trisha McKee, John F…

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