Shattered- a story of alienation

Mikey is young and fragile comedian that hung his happiness on his fiancé. When they break up, he does not have the skills to handle it.

Everyone has fragile at a point in their lives. And while, I am no longer as fragile as I once was, ( I began writing this a long time ago) I think this vulnerability should be talked about.

Because Mikey is oversized and so am I, I am nervous that people will read me in the main character. His behaviors are increasingly bizarre and disrespectful. They had to be because the truth is that unhealthy thinking leads to unhealthy, ugly acts. But I am not Mikey, though many of his emotions were my emotions at different times in my life. Perhaps Mikey is me if I did not have good things in my life like a good family and friends.

The story is about alienation. That feeling that no one understands you. About being rejected and not escaping the resulting feeling no one wants you. I believe we all have had those feelings. It is also about the redemption that comes from dealing with your pain and having loved ones around you.

cover of the novel Shattered.