Facebook Group

There is too much divisiveness on Facebook, but there also pockets of positivity and I would like to foster one.  Please come join the group. You don’t even need to be from Oshkosh. You don’t even need to like Oshkosh.  Just poetry.

Just kidding.  You do need to like Oshkosh. Or I will ban you.  Just kidding again.  Everyone likes Oshkosh.

I consider the group to be a group effort on sharing the conversation about poetry. 

Like anyone that writes poetry, I am best at communicating by writing and then expecting the conversation to be closed looped.  I have something to say. You listen. Close of loop. But speaking publicly like now and at open mikes is a true dialogue.  Help me by joining in the conversation with me on social media and on my website  thomascannonauthor.com

By having open thoughtful dialogues, we can create common ground between people with different view.   Even better, let’s write thoughtful poetry about our views.  Writing helps our brain think of things in new ways.  It helps us edit out the name calling before we interact with others.

The poem you write or perhaps just a journal entry does not need to be shared or published. Its like those confession websites. It is good to put what your mind somewhere. To put it out ion the universe even if you never want anyone to see it.

However, it allows it to sit there until you are ready to share.


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