Iron Fist is 10% happier

There is that trope in movies where there is a person that is able to do extraordinary things because they have dedicated their life to meditation. No one can compete with them in martial arts or in solving a problem because they have studied with monks.

In today’s world I do believe those people that meditate have a leg up on those that don’t. I just don’t think that it would take dedicating your whole life. Most people are so frazzled by our culture that they are a mess.

So a few minutes of meditation a day would put you way ahead of most people.

We are a people of anxiety and anger. And if you are not prone to these two things, the behaviors of those around you that are driving you into a bad place mentally.

Am I one of those people that have a leg up on you poor people? Not really. I believe in meditation, but have fallen out of the habit of it. The only thing that saves me and helps me is writing. Writing helps replace meditation, so I just sort of get lucky. In that I am usually on an even keel. But I should be meditating. We all should be. Like Dan Harris says, we’d be 10% happier. Look around you. Just think of the advantage 10% happier would give you over the rest of the people increasing their stress by experiencing modern culture.


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