What Part of the Pandemic Made Us Worse

I am one of those people that took precautions during pandemic. I followed the advice from the scientists. Yet I have to consider the ramifications of shutting down our schools and businesses. I see damaged relationship and less happy people. Rudeness and self-centeredness that stems from depression. Make it a given that it had these … Continue reading What Part of the Pandemic Made Us Worse


The Kosh Podcast

https://www.listennotes.com/listen/thomas-cannons-podcast-playlist-g7uhwyAHIWO/podcasts/embed/?sort_type=recent_added_first I was lucky enough to been on Timber Smith's podcast "The Kosh" He talks about all the facets of living in and around Oshkosh. This was an opportunity for me to talk about my role as the Poet Laureate of Oshkosh, the writing community and The Lakefly Writers Conference. I would love for you … Continue reading The Kosh Podcast