The Glass Leg

Jason had his hands on his hips like he just found out his flight was delayed, but Becky, I could tell, was shaken by the news. I wanted to put her at ease, but knew the first thing to do was give Jason the skinny on how thing run down here.

Vaccinations are like Motorcycle Parking

Doesn’t this go on a lot? By all of us and on many things. But as an example, so many people got angry over the quarantine. Like me, they are angry and did not bother getting the facts. There is the other issue of the concerted effort of people to disparage the experts and fire people up. But for too many things, we see something, and it seems wrong to us. But we never search out information. We never assume that people or organizations have a good reason for their actions (I actually wrote a funny novel on how they don’t).

Success Breeds Magnanimity.

Two celebrities were talking about their friendship on a podcast. During a sitcom they were on, they got along great and stayed connected after their show together ended. Why don’t we all have lifelong friends like this? Perhaps it is because they can afford to be giving. There are some celebrities that are driven and … Continue reading Success Breeds Magnanimity.

More Life Lessons from Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day with Bill Murray  The characters Phil runs into each morning are a great representation of the kind of people you meet in life and Phil treats them how we often do. The guy he meets in the hallway are the people we see that are only able to exchange pleasantries with. They talk … Continue reading More Life Lessons from Groundhog Day