No Longer a Thorn

At times, the past creeps back in my head. I ask myself what I’m doing. But I answer, enjoying myself.

More Life Lessons from Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day with Bill Murray  The characters Phil runs into each morning are a great representation of the kind of people you meet in life and Phil treats them how we often do. The guy he meets in the hallway are the people we see that are only able to exchange pleasantries with. They talk … Continue reading More Life Lessons from Groundhog Day

Happiness is a Skill

Set point- Studies have shown that people quickly (within six months) to their normal state of happiness after a significant event. That thing that happened to you that made you depressed, there are lifelong consequences with some things, you will return to how you felt before. The same goes for that wonderful event that was … Continue reading Happiness is a Skill