The Tao Of Apathy

Available in eBook and softcover

Please consider purchasing my humorous novel by clicking here: The Tao of Apathy

Would a review entice you?  Here is one:

“From the dirty jobs somebody has to do file, a surprisingly poignant, satiric commentary on behind the scenes operations that could be many workplaces. I think I temped at some of them. Never quite degenerating into completely crude humor, Cannon has fun with the “new and improved” mentality to fix what was never broken in this dark, hopefully comedic, lambaste at corporate America running for-profit medicine. I will definitely think long and hard before I ever go to a hospital again on this side of the rainbow.”

I wrote this book over several years as I worked many menial jobs. As one does with a funny book, I amped up the silly things that go on in any workplace. However, I continue to see and hear from other people many stories that sound similar to what I wrote.

Please check this book out. I think you will find many people you can identify in your own employment. It is all of the weird people you’ve ever worked with in one book (yet you will enjoy it).

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