Shattered- A Novel

Shattered- a novel
Shattered by Thomas Cannon is a novel published by Tumbleweed Books

Oversized comedian Mikey Haskell believes he has escaped the pain from his breakup with Karen by going on the road for six months. His first few days of being home in the Twin Cities sets him straight. At first, he believes he can only move forward by declaring he is in love with his best friend, Alaine. When that does not go well, he tries to leave all human emotion behind by becoming an animal-like being.

This animal persona sets himself loose on the comedy-circuit of 1995 and on all the people he cares about. Mikey is locked inside the persona and fights to make sense of what has happened to him.

Please consider preordering the eBook on Amazon. The book will be published December 31st, 2021