Oshkosh Poet Show

This YouTube Podcast consists of small discussions on Poetry and how it can profoundly improve our lives.  Please subscribe @thomascannonauthor

Tom Cannon was named the poet laureate of Oshkosh in 2021. The role has made him reflect on the importance of poetry and our local poets. In this video (Podcast episode #1), Tom talks about the impact every poet makes on our lives. Please join other poets on the Facebook page Poet Laureate of Oshkosh and find out further information about Tom and his books at thomascannonauthor.com.

This podcast is also available on YouTube.

Engaging in writing is a great way to be grateful, savor your good times, and have new thoughts on your problems. These are all habits of happy people. Happier people are kinder.
In this episode, Tom talks about how offering your poem for publication or a reading inspires creativity. He also discusses the benefits of rhyming in poetry and how to do it. He closes out with his recitation of his poem, “The Kosh” This rhyming poem is a tribute to the podcast by Timber Smith in which he discusses what it is like to live in or near Oshkosh. For more information on the poet laureate program or booking Tom to speak, please go to http://www.thomascannonauthor.com or emailing him at thomascannon@author.com