A List of My Published Works

Better links are on my Pinterest page: https://www.pinterest.com/CannonWriter/my-published-works/

1)”Part of the Gift” in Cup of Comfort for Parents of Children With Autism

*Available on Amazon.com-  A Cup of Comfort for Parents of Children with Autism: Stories of Hope and Everyday Success: Sell, Colleen: Amazon.com: Books

2) “Downriver” published on website The Battered Suitcase Winter 2009-2010 issue

3) “24/7” on the website Long Story Short and reprinted on Sante Fe Writer’s Project

24/7 also appears in The Anthology Hearts We Know By Stories. A collected, self-published anthology http://www.amazon.com/Tao-Apathy-Mr-Thomas-Cannon/dp/1494718308/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1449447427&sr=8-1&keywords=the+tao+of+apathby the Oshkosh Area Writer Club.

4) “What Clings to Us” and “There will be no More Men” in Literary Mary.

5) “I believe” and “4 lane road” in Leaf Garden issue #8

6) “A Small Wisconsin Life ” in Wisconsin Calendar 1999.

7) “All Beauty” in The Poet’s Newsletter.

8) “Ingrate” on Fictional Musings.

9) “Mornings With AJ and Jen” on the ezine On The Premises . Published March       2011. http://www.onthepremises.com/issue_13/story_13_g1.html

10) Short Science Fiction story “Playmates” was published on the website Freedom Fiction Journal March 2011.
and the FFJ Anthology Volume 03- http://freedomfiction.com/2012/01/ffj-anthology-vol-03-now-out-for-sale/

11) Hammerschlagen in Midwestern Gothic 4 http://midwestgothic.com/2012/01/issue-4-winter-2012-is-now-on-sale/


12) Sins of the Unfaithful in the online journal The Ear Hustler live on January 9, 2012. http://issuu.com/earhustlermag/docs/issue5/25

13) Two Birds in Leaf Garden Issue 12 published January 22, 2012. http://leafgardenpress.blogspot.com/2012/01/leaf-garden-issue-12.html

14. My short story The Search appeared on the workzine website on July 16th 2012. It can be found here: http://workmagazinearchives.wordpress.com/?s=cannon

15. My two poems Advantages of Autism and Boy in Pajamas were published in Verse Wisconsin. You can view me reading them here. http://versewisconsin.org/Issue110/audio.html

16. My poem A Summer Held was published on the electronic Journal Right Hand Pointing. It was also included in the Wisconsin Poets’ Calendar 2013.
Wisconsin Poets Calendar

17. My story Mac & Cheese is available at Roadside Fiction (Published December 25th 2012) http://roadsidefiction.com/index.php/roadside-fiction-issue-two/.

18. Blue Tarp appeared in Perceptions Literary Magazine from Mt. Hood College in Gresham OR. S http://perceptionsmagazineofthearts.com/

18. “Songs Of” in the Spring/Summer 2013 issue of The Stray Branch.

19. Two microfiction stories in the July issue of Nailpolish stories:

20. On The Premises http://onthepremises.com/issues/issue-26/

HONORABLE MENTION: The Common Room, Thomas Cannon’s real-world story about an intern in a psychiatric ward and a patient he might, or might not, be able to help.

21. My poem “Slideshow” appears in the 9th issue of Midwestern Gothic. Spring of 2013.
Midwestern Gothic Issue 9 Spring 2013

22. How would an uptight homemaker handle her gay daughter’s wedding? My humorous piece “Modern Mama’s Blog: How to Hold a Lesbian Engagement Party” appears on the website Synchronized Chaos. http://synchchaos.com/?s=cannon&x=0&y=0

23. My poem “Gifts” was published on the Coalition of Texans with Disabilities website. View it here:

24. My poem “Summer” appears on the e-journal Every Day Poets.

25. My short story “Virtual Friend” appears on the literary magazine Page & Spine.

26. “The Art of Bargaining” was published on the Corvus review.
Here is a PDF: http://nebula.wsimg.com/0d81d9d38361b53da81df38ab41ea57d?

27. Good Times. A essay about my car. Found here: https://silverbirchpress.wordpress.com/2016/10/29/good-times-story-by-thomas-cannon-my-prized-possession-poetry-and-prose-series/

28. At the End of the Day on Fox Adoption Magazine. https://foxadoptionmag.org/poetry/days-end/

29. Feeding the Calves on Fox adoption Magazine. https://foxadoptionmag.org/poetry/feeding-the-calves/

30. Snow Church on Fox Adoption Magazine. https://foxadoptionmag.org/poetry/snow-church/.

31. “Favorite Day” was published on the website “Talking Soup.”

32. Fragile Mountains in Corvus Review- Spring Summer 2016. My story is on pages 115-116. http://www.corev.ink/issues.html
33. My poem Leather Gloves is the Spring 2017 issue of Westward Quarterly.
34. My poem “Untraveled Tracts is here: https://www.everywritersresource.com/poemeveryday/untraveled-tracts-by-thomas-cannon/.

Midwestern Gothic Issue 4