Additional Published Works

36.  “Kinda Over.” The Flash Fiction Press. January 1st, 2016  

He saw then that this girl looked like Jessica Gold. “You’re Sugar Anne.  I grew up listening to your mom.”

“Really. I grew up not listening to her…

37.  “Family Radio”  Ariel Chart: An Intenrational Literary Journal,    •March 13, 2018

38.  “Uneven Grounds” Potato Soup Journal October 2019

39.. “Alternate Forms of Life” in Issue 59 (April 2018) of Youth Imagination.

40. “The Ride Home” in Unwanted Visitors. Inwood Indiana. 2018.

41. My short story “The Doctors Visit” was published in   Page & Spine Fiction Showcase.

42.  “Job Training Program” in  Down In The Dirt Magazine.

43.  “Seven Questions” November 2020 issue of cc&d magazine (v303, released 11/1/20).

44. “Something to Occupy” has been accepted for the Fifth volume of Otherwise Engaged Literature and Arts Journal. Available on amazon:

45. My short story “Astrology of a Mitten” is in Issue 84 of Youth Imagination

46. “Seven Questions” published in the November 2020 issue of cc&d magazine (v303, released 11/1/20).

47. My poem “In Your Sunrise was published in Front Porch Review July 2021

48. “Farm Boys” in Fallow Ground Journal by Inwood Indiana Press:

49. My story “The Glass Leg” is published on the Website: The Worlds Within. September 26, 2021

50. My flash fiction Hall Pass is on online journal The Daily Drunk 12/12/ 20

51-54..“Yes,” “Furrowed Rows,” “How Can I Be Wrong,” and “Rain on The Roof” are on the online journal  ACADEMY OF THE HEART AND MIND.

55. Naked Time” on Twitter Short Story.

56. “The Glass Leg”  September 26th, 2021 issue of The Worlds Within.

57. My Poem “A Gaggle of Toddlers” appeared in the Fall Issue 2022 of Literary Cocktail Magazine

58. “Too Pointless was published on The Mocking Owl on February 24, 2023.

The Mocking Owl.

59. My Poems “The Old Poet” and “Do We Stand” published Creative Wisconsin Magazine March 2023.

60. “The Good Times.” (Short Story) published in Volume 4 Issue 1 of Flora Fiction Spring 2023.


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