What Part of the Pandemic Made Us Worse

I am one of those people that took precautions during pandemic. I followed the advice from the scientists. Yet I have to consider the ramifications of shutting down our schools and businesses. I see damaged relationship and less happy people. Rudeness and self-centeredness that stems from depression. Make it a given that it had these … Continue reading What Part of the Pandemic Made Us Worse


Our Friends Made Us Do It

I have been thinking about how our culture works right now.  With social media, people are attaining power and money over us by making us angry. That anger divides us. Making people angry simply works for people and organizations that don’t want us to think reasonably. Facebook makes money and political groups fire up their … Continue reading Our Friends Made Us Do It

Vaccinations are like Motorcycle Parking

Doesn’t this go on a lot? By all of us and on many things. But as an example, so many people got angry over the quarantine. Like me, they are angry and did not bother getting the facts. There is the other issue of the concerted effort of people to disparage the experts and fire people up. But for too many things, we see something, and it seems wrong to us. But we never search out information. We never assume that people or organizations have a good reason for their actions (I actually wrote a funny novel on how they don’t).