My Oshkosh

I wanted to write a poem about what Oshkosh has given me.  Gratitude is always important.

Our Friends Made Us Do It

I have been thinking about how our culture works right now.  With social media, people are attaining power and money over us by making us angry. That anger divides us. Making people angry simply works for people and organizations that don’t want us to think reasonably. Facebook makes money and political groups fire up their … Continue reading Our Friends Made Us Do It

More Life Lessons from Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day with Bill Murray  The characters Phil runs into each morning are a great representation of the kind of people you meet in life and Phil treats them how we often do. The guy he meets in the hallway are the people we see that are only able to exchange pleasantries with. They talk … Continue reading More Life Lessons from Groundhog Day