Dear Reader

I would also love for you to check out my work.  My novel The Tao of Apathy is available as an eBook on Smashwords and Amazon.  What is my humorous novel about?  It’s about the employees of Saint Jude’s—

Who are the employees of St Jude’s Medical Center? You already know them. You work with them. Come take a madcap meeting with them anyway and see how and why they leave common sense behind as the new hospital administrator William Petty changes everything. He adjusts associated staffing levels (fires people) and increases workloads (sometimes for the fired people). He even limits Father Chuck to added-value duties.

In response, the employees begin to form bad habits and a union. However, no one handles the changes worse than Bigger, a kitchen worker with a belief that he is affected by invisibility rays. The worst thing he could ever imagine happens—his boss offers him a promotion.

All he has to do is betray his coworkers and help keep people from voting for the union.

He seeks out advice from his motley crew of friends: Dykes who tells every woman he sleeps with that he is lonely; Dan the audio/visual geek who organizes the union just to piss his wife off; and even Father Chuck who is so stunned that he must now bill patients for his prayers that he spends his days bitterly smoking in the designated area for oral nicotine worship, “The Butt Hutt.” The only person to give him good advice is his friend Joe who teaches him the Tao of Apathy. It’s a powerful tool, but will Bigger choose to use it?

I also have two short story collections (3 stories each) Downriver and Mornings with AJ and Jen.    If you read my work and enjoy it, please leave me a review.  Of course, I would like to become independently wealthy, but will settle for someone enjoying my fiction.


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