The Tao of Nick Offerman

In Nick Offerman’s book, Paddle Your Own Canoe, he talks about the importance of getting away from screens (TV, video games, Smart phones). He relates that you need a leisure activity that is actually creating something.

I was reflecting on that when I looked over at my fan blowing in me.  it is a vintage fan with metal blades.  I got it because I always loved our box fan growing up.  Mostly because I think I was born nostalgic, but I liked that it was the fan we always had.

And I remember when it began to need to be started like an old prop plane.  And eventually it did stop working.  Now I tried to coax it back to life.  Probably through scrapping the oil dust off of it with a butter knife and applying more oil.

Today, as a kid, I could actually google how to fix a fan.  In fact I paused and did so. However, would I if i was a kid today?  I doubt it.  There is too much to watch on Netflix and too cool of video games. Today most likely I would not have grown up on a farm and would not have learned the value of fixing something.


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