Good Times, story by Thomas Cannon (MY PRIZED POSSESSION Poetry and Prose Series)

Silver Birch Press was a great place to share a little piece of writing.

Silver Birch Press


Good Times
by Thomas Cannon

The car’s 400 rumbled under the hood as I drove it the few blocks home. I only take the car for an errand or two. But there was a time (31 years ago) actually that I took this car all over the place. Yes, my car. It’s a 1971 Pontiac Grandville that I got the summer out of high school.

Cars were so important to us back then. We were in and around our cars all day. I delivered pizza in my family truckster of a car. After a long shift of driving, I spent the rest of the night, well, driving. Up and down the main street of a smallish city, people met up, switched out rides in cars and spent countless laps up and down the only boulevard in town.

That is one of the reasons I held onto my first car. The…

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