Are You Prince?


I did not get the obsession with Prince. I mean he had a few catchy tunes and all, but evidently he was quite popular.  Okay, he is considered a genius. Including the hosts of the Up All Night Podcast. Yet they still took the news and went back to what they were doing.

Everyone wants a legacy. I want one. I thought someday there will be a collection of my writings and their drafts in a library someplace. Well, I do not think it will happen, but if Prince is not remembered, how will I be. Some writers have a lasting legacy.  Hemingway, Faulkner- well you know who they are. However, there are many authors that were famous a hundred years ago and are now largely forgotten.

Is that depressing? Perhaps. However, at the same week that I hear the description of Prince’s death a shrug and back to brunch, I watched a Netflix show Called Unbreakable. Ice T gave an impassioned eulogy about a bit actor- “He was to his own self true, and in that way, he lives forever.”. He stated how the bit actor was a success because he went for it and lived his life.

So in the end, it is better to touch and help a small number of people around you- that is a true legacy.

I find this strangely motivating to keep writing.


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