Yeah But Still

A blog is necessary platform for a writer. And while almost no one reads this blog, I find it a good exercise on writing and practice for when I am discovered.

Because I am a writer, I think I mull over ideas more than the typical Joe (not saying better). Then I write them down to further help me think about them.

So I have some passionate ideas of the world. Things I am concerned with. Things like helping the poor, religion, and abortion.

My views are not acceptable to all. I have been thinking about this as I wrote reviews of Christian writer Lisa Lickel’s books. I fear that I tarnish Lisa’s reputation or that people come to read the review and are ambush by my views.

They are my views. Because of the nature of a blog, I can not say all that I believe about subjects.

If I could, I would state that I am a religious person. I respect the goodness of truly Christian people. I also respect that they do not want a human life terminated.

That’s my only point. I respect the views of true Christians (This does not include the ilk of Mike Pence).


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