The Jerk in the Mirror

People vote for who we see in the mirror. This is a comment a coworker said the day after Trump was elected. This appears to have a ton of wisdom in it. The truth of this may be too true.
Trump is an angry man that is thin skinned and attacks without thought to decorum. This person is reactionary with the absolute belief that he knows best. People are trying to figure out how he got elected. How his tactics work.
The answer is look around you. Look at you. We have become a nation of road ragers and trolling internet comment makers. We….let’s be clear WE love to get into it on Facebook and post things just to get under people’s skins.
In our defense, we are good people and in our hearts we are gentle. We are loud because the whole room is shouting. And the thing of it is, we worry about the manners of the youth. How they do not have any social skills. Which sure seems accurate. But perhaps we are singling them out when they are just one of us.
We elected a reality star. Because we love those sons-a-bitches. Back-stabbing and hair-pulling fights really puts a kink in our collective pants.
Do I have a point? Not really. Because I am really angry. Because I am choosing sides. I do not think a Democrat could get elected this way. I can’t think of one that wants to while I can think of many Republicans that tried.
Trump might be many things to this country. He might be its destroyer. Typically, I believe in balance and he might cause a swing back to a reining in of just saying whatever you want
However, he might be the validator for vitriol. This is dangerous. Especially for those people targeted for hate already. But he is not creating a wave of egocentric callousness. He is is just riding the crest of one.


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