Not my hero, Or Wait….

I had a suggestion as a member of the Lakefly Writers Conference. Jess Riley. I think I even contacted her via Facebook. I don’t think we have even met and she was not one of my main authors I read. I never tried to emulate her. However, she lives in Oshkosh, so I ran across her book Driving Sideways. It is a great book and her later works are spirited and well-written. We want writers like that and we really want to celebrate Wisconsin authors.

Now lately I’ve been trying to remember experiences at Lakefly. Write here what kind of talent we have speak. Well, I was doing other things, so I didn’t even go to Riley’s session.

So why write about this? Because it got me thinking. I do not know a lot about Riley, except for occasionally coming across her blog and her Facebook posts. So I do know this. She is a published author. Obvious, but that is a succinct way of saying a lot. She is active in the writing community, However, she also has a demanding job as a grant writer.

We would all like to be that writer that gets up in the morning and writes for a living. In this day and age it is almost impossible. So, my goal, and probably most writers goal is to write and do it well while maintaining a source of income for groceries.

Jess Riley does that. Yet she is also to write intriguing stories. We have Driving Sideways- a story about a young woman with a recent kidney transplant dealing with that while coming to terms with her life. She has another story of a person that places a Craigslist ad to have people function as a family for a Thanksgiving dinner. I should go and jog my memory of what the title is. Instead go search for Jess Riley. I only wanted to point out that her stories stuck with me.

We can live like Stephen King or we can prod along like many mid-listers (If we are lucky and plucky). Either way we want people to read our work and for those stories to stick.

Riley and our other speakers have done that. They are my heroes.

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