Monkey See Monkey Do

There are instances in your life that affect you for the rest of it.  I’m not talking about that time a semi almost hit you or a pregnancy scare. I’m talking about small details that make you think of something for the rest of your life.

For example, a friend I had in college would wear this thick, battered sweatshirt when we played  football or shoveled snow. I thought it was so cool. This cool sweatshirt that had seen some experiences. It why even at 50, I keep my sweatshirts and do not let them go even when I can’t wear them in public.  And they cannot compare to that sweatshirt that was ripped at the sleeve and had a worn collar.

I have a packer sweatshirt that from the 90s.  The front pocket is almost ripped off so that there is a patch of dark green there while the rest is faded.  The hood and collar are frayed, but not to a good enough degree.

I have a comfy sweatshirt that had a German phrase on it. The only letters left spell net. The problem with this one is that i got paint on it. I want it to wear out and yet I don’t want to wreck it so it does not ever get a rip. Yet, I want that sleeve seem to be giving way.

Every week, I think of that sweatshirt. I covet it even as I don’t covet the friendship that came with it. That I can accept has come and gone.

Do you have a small thing that cycles through your thoughts?

man in gray pull over hoodie standing on train rail

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