Book Review Paris by the Book

I bought Liam Callanan’s Paris by the Book simply because he leaves in Wisconsin and I want to support local authors. Friends of mine also recommended his works.  I enjoyed this book a lot.

It is the story of a Leah, who’s husband disappears and the only clue he leaves is plane tickets to Paris. Intending on staying for a while, she finds herself not able to tear herself or her two daughters away. They all see him (Robert) in the men they see around the city.

In many books, the protagonist is strong and determined. Readers want that. However, that is not how people work.  I found Mr. Callanan’s portrayal of a woman with doubts and mind changes real, but without sending me on a confusing track of a narrator that changes her mind too much.  His main character is filled with doubts, but it is done in a well-written way.

I also found that Mr. Callanan did a masterful job of describing Paris with out burying the reader in details. Also well done with how he handled the characters speaking French. He was able to provide realness while also getting what was said in French across.

I enjoyed this family drama set in a city that I now really want to visit. It makes me hope and believe that I can go there and find Leah and her two daughters running a small book store (though not well).


PS- Find the 30 minute video of The Red Balloon (1956) AKA Le Ballon Rouge on #Youtube. It is not necessary, but it will help put you in a #Paris mood before reading Liam Callanan’s book. (No Paris landmarks were harmed in the book or the movie).


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