Jazz Language

Most people want to talk about something, so they pay no attention to their language, but just want to get the message out. Poets tell their story, but intentionally lose focus on what they are saying to attend to the language. Perhaps poets are more aware that reality is subjective, so there is no point in paying too much attention to the truth. Expression is the important part. The audience is going to interpret the poem their way anyway, so the poet does not worry that their point is made.

And perhaps it is a spectrum.   From poetry that focuses on a clear message to poetry that is all mystery.  It must be because my poems are somewhere in the middle of the spectrum.  I often feel that my poems could be more “poetic” if I abandon what I want to say and just let the words perform jazz.

I am beginning to play with that more.  Yet, I am not that kind of artist. I also just prefer to read poetry that is beautiful but gives me a clear picture of the poets message. SO, I will keep writing the poems that come to me, but perhaps I can add mystery as I edit. Go for the beauty of the language. Because that is what is special about poets.


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