Mind The Gap

After meeting DW Anderson at the Lakefly Writers Conference, I read his book Mind The Gap.  Despite being very jealous that someone so young writes with so much polish, I enjoyed it a lot.  He strikes the right tone and pacing in every chapter.

Here’s my review    Mind The Gap on Amason

Mind the Gap is honestly funny. In other  words, Anderson shows us stories with humor that comes from his candor. For the sake  of our amusement he tells us his true stories along with short stories that seem to be based on real life. Either way, the stories he writes are engaging and polished.

Anderson  gives us an abundant amount of funny,  but he also adds to it.  Reveals angst behind the zany stunts he has  pulled.  In his way he makes sure  his stories have substance- what we need.

He gets a lot of americana in his stories with his choice of details. In the way that John Updike did. Anyone growing up in the 2000s (really?) will relate to these stories.  A culture of clam shell cell phones and playstation 2. However, I did not grow up in the 2000s and there was still a lot for me to identify with. No not getting in trouble with the law or Anderson’s family dynamics.  But I identified with not quite fitting in anywhere and with  being fascinated with my family’s dynamics.

Each time I thought I got a handle on Anderson’s story and settled in to enjoy the ride, Anderson shifted into a higher gear.


I loved this poem. It is full of great images

The Benefit of a Writing Exercise

On April 6th, 2023, I held a workshop on Poetry.  I presented an exercise where we write a poem about a chore and then come back to it and make it about something more significant. Like the poem about carrying something heavy and really it stands for carrying an emotional burden. It should not have…


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