Lessons and Setbacks

Walking out from work, I was walking along the road (the sidewalk is tore up), I saw a guy hesitate to pull out and then hesitiate to drive away until I had passed him.  Boy, I wanted to let this driver know he was stupid. He gave me a wave and only then could I … Continue reading Lessons and Setbacks


Vaccinations are like Motorcycle Parking

Doesn’t this go on a lot? By all of us and on many things. But as an example, so many people got angry over the quarantine. Like me, they are angry and did not bother getting the facts. There is the other issue of the concerted effort of people to disparage the experts and fire people up. But for too many things, we see something, and it seems wrong to us. But we never search out information. We never assume that people or organizations have a good reason for their actions (I actually wrote a funny novel on how they don’t).

Is The Art of Conversation Dead?

How much of conversations is not conveying information, but people saying what is rattling around in their head? People want to hear themselves say it. They like to be validated, but don’t really even listen to hear what the other person’s response to it. How much of conversations today is not thought out? Have you … Continue reading Is The Art of Conversation Dead?