Book Coming Out + Lion King + Awesome Little Things

Author friend reminds us to look for the small, good things in life- a few of those things being some things he published…not that they are small….just good.

d. w. anderson

Hey, you,

First, A & U Magazine published a story I wrote. Click here to read it. The magazine print version is also available where people sell magazines and shiny paper-things.

Second, I wrote a book called Mind the Gap. It’ll be released 6/6/2016 (that’s next Monday ). It’ll be available electronically & in print. Click here to check out the page.

Another book I wrote, a novel called Drunk in the Warm Glow, is forthcoming this fall from Creators Publishing. It has words in it. Thousands.

Third, Lion King on Broadway. Amazing. See it. Pay whatever they ask. Sell your pets and friend(s) and children. Or don’t. Whatever. It’s your life.

Fourth, details. A lot of shitty shit happens like . . . always. Right now, bad things are happening. But good things happen, too. It’s true–I looked it up on the internet. The politicians, news, online people–they tend to eat…

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