Who’s in Your Bathroom

Instead of worrying about transgendered people in the world, let’s focus on actually stopping molestation by doing the following:

Let’s prevent assault by transgendered people in bathrooms. First though, let’s prioritize and handle the bigger chances of assaults:

No more priests, pastors or church leaders in religious education classes- anywhere there is children

Conservative politicians should not be allowed in airport bathrooms or allowed to have aides.

There is a problem with rape and sexual assaults in the military. Most soldiers are to be regarded as heroes. Some are bad people. Let’s keep an eye on all soldiers just in case.

In fact, Sex offenders are overwhelmingly white males.  Nearly 99% of sex offenders in single-victim incidents were male and 6 in 10 were white (Greenfeld, 1997).  Let’s make sure this population is regulated and supervised- They should not be allowed to marry as they cause many problems in society. They are ruining America.


  • Cross-cultural studies of rape and studies of rape-prone versus rape-free campus cultures identify the following factors as contributors to sexual violence:
  • sex-role socialization
  • rape myths
  • lack of sanctions for abuse
  • male peer group support
  • pornography
  • all-male membership groups such as fraternities and sports teams


-So we need special laws that enact the following:

-No more youth ministry where a child is alone with a priest, pastor or church leader

-A special bathroom for conservative politicians

-Fundamentalist husbands who denigrate their wives and daughters because they are taught that women must be subservient to men. Okay, not all fundamentalist husbands hurt or subjugate their wives, but they cause more violence/sexual abuse than a transgendered person.

Once these are in place, then let’s worry about transgendered people in the bathroom…with only one more caveat- the rate of a crimes by transgendered people against other people reaches 1/100th of the rate of crimes by rednecks against people different than them.


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