Its time to relax. And shut up.

I was moved by Michele Obama when Oprah interviewed her, so I searched Facebook to see what people were saying. Big mistake. There was many negatives posts including a woman that called her a pig and some other animals.

I wanted to comment to that woman’s post. Call her the c-word. She is clearly a racist Now I am concerned with my social media presence. However, this was also the breaking point. That woman would have felt bad, I hope, but it would not change her mind.

No. while I believe we need to be active and be vocal against people like Mr. Trump, I don’t know what good comes from social media malarkey. We engage in it and I think it has a detrimental affect on us. Even the ‘us’ as a whole. We are dirtying our collective consciousness (as predicted by Ghostbusters II).

Conservatives trolls want the engagement. They think they win no matter what you say or what names they call. (Slanted statement, yet I stand by it) Liberal trolling does not change anyone’s mind. I know because sometimes I do it.

So I need to take my own advice. Remain balanced and remain calm.

The one exception I find is Trump. Again, it does no good, but I think it is at least something that the president elect can post something and everyone can respond. We can dissent. It will not sway him as he will not read it. However, on his post we can show that there is dissent.


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