Michele Obama


Last night I watched Oprah interview Michelle Obama. I already thought she was a great person. So I went to facebook to find something about the interview to like. That is when I came across many angry white women railing against her. One post called her a pig.
I was so angry. I wanted to post a comment to the lady saying at least she wasn’t a C-word.
I did not. And what Michelle Obama said next, inspired me. She spoke of knowing who you were and being your authentic self so that you don’t care what people think.
That must be the successful mindset. Michelle Obama was an accomplished professional before the white house and I find her to be a great role model. She is proud of the fact that she is a role model not for black women, but for women in general.
They need that. Well, not all, but many. I also found her to be inspirational. If she can rise above the dangerous racism and anti women dogma, then I ought to be able to rise above the weird defeatism of a normal job.
Boy, I would like to call out the racist woman on her racism. In the end I wonder what to do. We must fight against hate. But does it change that person’s mind. I don’t think so. It entrenches that dog-faced troll in her beliefs (sorry, went low). It adds to an angry culture. It ruins my own karma.
In the end, Obamas are doing it right. They stand strong without flaming the anger of backward, inbred dummies (went low again). Yet that flame has lasted longer and is stronger than I thought.


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