It’s time to relax Part II

What is here is staying here. You could go back and outlaw marriage. Outlaw abortion. These things will not go away.

And you will not be the worse for it. Or our nation. Religion is good, but it did not keep our country together. Our framework and our education did. We have a good system of government that protected people’s rights to a greater extent than other forms of government. Our education has always instilled values and skills to be a good citizen.

Hopefully that will be enough.

Meantime, our culture has developed. People can be gay or transgender They always have been and will always be.

And if you relax, you will find it does not affect you. You are angry because you want to be angry.

You have more reason to be angry over abortions. However, they are not going away either. So take your anger and direct to things that are causing more deaths. Catholics pushing no birth control in Africa, for example.

Ask yourself why you are so angry over abortion and not wars where babies are killed and maimed? Is it because uppity women are the ones getting the abortions?

Because you do not believe that abortions will not happen with the reversal of roe v wade.

Instead of getting so worked up, relax. Work on being a peaceful, warm person and things will fall into place. My side needs to do the same. Trump and the republicans will do things I do not approve of, but it will not be Armageddon.

Our good way of life will continue.


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