I don’t think that drain the swamp was a good analogy. However, I must admit that it was an effective one. People got a visual, it was catchy and people responded to it.

It should be a dumb one.

Yet a swamp is not a wasteland. It’s a rich ecosystem. Not a great place for humans to live, but it is like paradise for the animals that live there. Plenty of water and food.

And humans actually need swamps. (Confession: I am getting this from the kids show The Magic School Bus). Swamps act like a natural filter for our water.

It is not surprising I guess that a b usiness man would think to drain it. For them, it is land that they cannot build on. They cannot sell. Many swamps and lowlands were filled in so that people could develop it and make some money.

So maybe it was a good analogy after all.

With the millionaire businessmen he is appointing for his cabinet and the deals he is making, and the businesses he is not divesting, he is trying to get rid of politicians for the sole purpose of making himself money.

Government is messy and stinky. But it is not a Corporatocracy.


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