Republicans Are Right

Republicans are not wrong. We have a problem with our government. Corporations have a stranglehold on our country Politicians have to get into bed with too many people and are beholding to too many special interest groups. It is disgusting/

Many, (the ones who swung the votes his way),I think, saw Trump as a way to fix things. The alternate to him was to have things go on as before. I do not share that frustration, but I don’t think they were wrong with that idea either. If your choice is to do something or do nothing and have nothing change, then do something.

However, Trump will not be the solution because he is part of the problem. He is a corporation concerned only with the bottomline. Our government cannot act like that. It has grown so big because corporations have grown so big.

The real danger is Koch brothers and other people angering conservatives with rhetoric that will wreck us all.

To make the US government smaller, we keep the true enemy of democracy strong.

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