Abortion from Hugs

Sex is not something you can’t live without, but it is a strong drive. There is not something analogous to it because our species need it to survive and thrive. There is judgment in prolifer’s zealousness to end abortion.

No, they would not be for it, but if it was not making the beast with two backs, instead of outlawing it, they would actually be trying to solve it. I will temper this by saying that prolifers are also worried about the direction of our society. There is evidence that suggest that they should be.

However, judgement and yes punishment is not the way to go. What if pregnancy was caused by hugging children. Nothing sexual, just a hug. Let’s say there was a 50/50 chance that you would get pregnant (man or woman) by hugging your own children or your newborn nephew. Your first grandchild. Or your second. or any child.

It is something you could live without. Yet, your feelings would tell you to do it. Our society and I believe our species require affection to our young. Not the same pleasure response. But a pleasure response nonetheless. Some people enjoy their children more than sex.

But my scenario takes the judgement out of abortion. Would we be trying to make law against hugging children. Would we say only married people could hugging young people. If someone slipped up and hugged a child, would we force that person to carry a baby? We would understand the drive to want to hug a child. Would there be people that would say, you can’t abort the child now. Take it as a blessing from God. Yes.

And yet, there would be a hell of a lot less judgement. You say that’s different. It is important to hug children and it is a positive, nurturing activity. So is sex. That is why we have a sex drive. And people have sex for the wrong reasons, but sometimes people hug children for the wrong reason. The single dad is lonely and their child is the only one that loves them. The aunt without children of her own is too attached to her niece and nephew to fill a need.

Without judgement and condemnation, there would be a solution to the problem. There would be a pill to take or a vaccination and everyone would know about it and it would be free. Men would think, I don’t have time to have a child, I have things to do. Those men against abortion gain their vehemence from a perhaps hidden, but deep wish that women were still the people that stayed at home and were subservient. There are women who believe this as well and could stay home and have as many children as they could afford.

You say my scenario is not realistic. So what, but maybe the touch of a children would cause the production of chemicals. Sex is just the efficient way to combine those chemicals

Not in God’s plan? God made sex between a man and a married. Who is not to say that God’s test is abortion and the answer is to stop taking sides and work together to solve the actual problem.


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