Are Men Pigs

Are men pigs?       In some ways.

But society also teaches us.  Perhaps some men are born assholes.  Other achieve asshole status, and some have it thrust upon them.

How is society set up? First of all, it is set up for woman to be objects and then teaches them its best to keep quiet.

Also, though, it teaches men that they must be bold and confident. That they need to go after what they want. That it is a feather in your cap to go after a woman that other men want and win.

Some of that comes from caveman times. But what if we all learned to look at people from the inside first. That is not so easy. Men’s head will always turn when a nice looking woman comes around. Men are visual creatures (more specific type of creature- pigs).

But we need to teach men not to score with women and keep score. While we teacher our daughters to be strong, independent, and confident, we also need to teach our boys to see beauty, but to look for real genuine relationships.

We would all be better off looking for and enjoying the interaction we have with people. I guess I’m saying we should go about our business, looking for the beauty on the inside and then pursuing a romantic relationship only when both the man and woman feel that spark of chemistry.

Too often men, look for “hotness” and go after that, disregarding whether or not they actually like the woman.

men are pigs


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