The Soul begins with Air

The idea of the soul entering the body used to be simple. but as we have progressed as society, it is harder to just say it enters at conception. twins, in vitro and test tube babies take away this simple answer. that does not mean that we have to say that there is no soul. To me, the soul may be like a human heart. It begins to collect materials and assemble. Once it begins to beat then it becomes a heart. Perhaps the soul is like that. it accumulates astral particles until it gets the right amount and then like a chemical reaction- like a pile of wood smoldering until it gets enough heat to ignite- the soul comes to life.

The Republicans that tried to say abortion should never happened, and said women should accept the baby as a gift from God, had to apologize. In his apology, he talked about how Gods abhors violence and abhors violence against women. (Richard Lugar). If this is so and I believe it is then perhaps it is time to see that God is not involved directly in people’s lives (at least not every moment Is it times to redefine God?  It sounds terrible and yet the people that wrote the bible were doing just that. Over the centuries, they continued to do that.

So God does not allow rape to happen, it just happens. There is enough evidence that the soul does not get installed at conception. This is just someone’s idea. So when does someone get a soul? If God has not done anything about abortion and in fact in his world, miscarriages happen, then perhaps the soul waits. Perhaps it does accumulate cosmic energy as it grows and develops.

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