Losing my Religion- Thanks to you

I consider myself a religious person. However, my faith in religions and the Bible grows weaker every year.  I see little good in attending to both of them. Adam Carolla says that they have become more harm than good and to a certain degree I agree with him.

I’ve just realized that part of my growing dissonance with religion is caused by religious people quoting from the Bible, and replying to posts with anger.  Instead of being swayed, these posts cause me to question them.

A Facebook friend posted about how evolution was stupid.  Creationism was the only way to explain how perfect a human body works.  I found myself questioning the Bible and wanted to respond.  If we take Genesis at its word, then why don’t people believe in the old testament command that adulterers and their spouses must be killed?

The post used the word stupid in regards to evolution.  I give God credit for the wonderful way bodies and nature works.  I cannot say that it happened in six days.


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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com




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