A Strong Nation Under Science

We are in danger as we stray from the Bible.  That is many people’s opinion. However, I see us as getting better and that is because of Science. Don’t get me wrong. Our government and Christianity has many ideal. I respect our system of government.

Yet I see that the christian values that began our nation as causing violence and hatred. The failings that needed to be rectified were caused by religion. Men used the Bible to create a government where women did not have rights.  Black people were not considered people. The Bible told people of old that they were righteous and this caused atrocities.

Religion caused men to see Native Americans as heathens that had no right to their land. They could be slaughter so that christian men could get their wants.

Science showed us that people of color were human just like us. It showed that Native Americans did not have white culture, but did have an advanced civilization.

The study of psychology is only recently sent us the message that women were not Jezibels who were somehow not worth anything. In the past, prostitutes did not have to be treated as humans because they chose to be wicked.  We now know they were traumatized and abused in younger years and felt they did not have a choice. The Bible may called them whores and concubines, but they were sex trafficked.

Without asking ourselves why God would put a soul in a fetus that was destined to be miscarried, we believed the religious leaders (not the Bible) as they told us God put a fetus in a woman and a soul in that fetus. Now through the science of In vitro fertilization, we know that it can work without God.

The modifications that fixed our original documents did not come from further reading of the Bible. It came from secular court cases and amendments.

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