Jesus is the Only Way

The Christian scriptures lead the only way to heaven.

 But Christians, Jewish people, and Muslims all believe in one God.  So for thousands of years, according to the Bible, the Jewish people were the chosen.  God loved them. He promised them heaven.

Muslim’s call God Allah. Different name. Same God.  Which Christians have called God different names. God was not what he was called by the first Christians. The Hebrew theonyms Elohim and YHWH are mostly rendered as “God” and “the LORD.”

Three different faiths.  The same God. But only those that believe in Jesus go to heaven? Why does God screw the Muslim and Jewish people? My answer is he does not. But many believe that non-Christians cannot get into Heaven.

So people of the Jewish people kept believing the same things as their ancestors.  Especially early Jewish people would not be exposed to Christianity. Why would God simply say that used to be okay, but not anymore.

Jesus died for the sins of all people, didn’t he?  I think so, but perhaps scriptures say different. But I know he did make the sacrifice for the Jewish people. There was no Christian church at the time. If being a Christian means believing that Jesus died for our sins and was resurrected, how could you be a Christian before he died?

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Muslims (not terrorist Muslims, but nice ones) love God. They follow this religious book that tells them how to show it. They do their best and have never had access to Christian Bible.

Why would God say, too bad? What purpose does it serve?  The Bible says he loves his children. Muslims and Jewish people (as infallible as any Christian) love him back, but they go to Hell?

A Christian that cheats on his child’s mother with a porn star gets to heaven. But Malala Yousafzai does not? Just for not believing the right things about Jesus.  These other faiths believe in Jesus. They just have a different idea for them.

I cannot rap my head around that. Is the purpose of heaven not to reward people for loving God? Is the answer no because hairs must be split so that a so-so Christian gets in, but a loving, gentle Jew does not?

2 thoughts on “Jesus is the Only Way

  1. Is there a point to New Testament scripture then or is it all Garbage? It clearly states in Romans 6:23 the wages if sin is death. But the GIFT of God is eternal life in Jesus Christ the More. The News rejected Christ. To this day most so not aknowlege him as God and therefore reject the free gift if his atonement for sin.

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    • The news rejected Christ? Who is the news?
      Is The New Testament Garbage? I would say it is a message of love that can guide people to find God in their fellow man. You can call it Garbage if you wish.
      Truly though, I wish you would not answer my question with a question. I want to know what the purpose of God choosing Christians and not his other followers of other faiths?
      I put myself in the shoes of Jewish people alive during the time of Jesus. Christians people today like you have 2000 years of events to back up your belief in Jesus. A Bible and a nearby church to go to. As well as many other believers all over the world.
      A Jew 2000 years ago would not have that. They would have their faith and be trying to follow it. They might have heard of Jesus, but there were many other people at that time claiming to be the Messiah. You say they rejected Jesus, but they did not have a Bible to teach them, did they? They had the Torah (Which Jesus told them to read.)
      The Jewish people did not really reject Jesus. They might have hung him on the cross, but it was a violent time. The case could only be made (I think) that the Jewish people in the crowd calling out Crucify him! Crucify him! rejected him. It was not the whole Jewish nation there. Most did not know of Jesus at the time.
      If you still think the Jewish people rejected Jesus, then by that logic, the people that protested Trump (for example) would have to be extrapolated to say that everyone (you) were against Trump. Or many people wanted Martin Luther King to come to a terrible, violent end. They rejected him. Did they speak for you?


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