I Yell at God

I am a lapsed Catholic. Perhaps a lapsed Christian. Yet I still pray. I give thanks and give my petitions.  I do believe there is something out there listening.

I pray for loved ones to have a good life and a loving relationship. I ask this for someone that is gay.

The thing is often, I get a little belligerent.  Please, give _______ a loving relationship. AND if you got a problem with that then screw you. I’d rather burn in hell than be with a God that cares who somebody loves. 

I sure hope the Bible is at least right in that God forgives.

But really I don’t get this religious hate for gay love. Those that make judgements base this on the Bible, but don’t use the Bible against the things they do wrong. 

Sex is between a man and a woman.

Why does God care?

Because it is to bring children into this world!

Then wouldn’t God also hate sex by people that use the rhythm method, are barren, or are too old to have children?

If we should do what the Bible tells us, why do we not stone to death those adulterers and their spouses.

God wants us to love. He does not care about the specifics.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

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