I Animal- Book Review

I Animal

by Kevin Del Principe

This book kept me turning the pages. It is not a dense read but it is packed with an examination of modern life and the modern internal strife.  In the story of Tommy coming home to spend time with his terminal ill mother, the author explores a man coming to terms with his relationship with his parents, his cousins, his exwife, and a potential love interest.

At the same time, the main character is spending his nights as a wolf, having a conversation with a turkey. What does that stand for? To me, Tommy is an overly-sensitive person that feels the demands of putting duty over self.  His wolf-self is the conflict of that. In the story, a beautiful underage girl is tempting to him. Throughout the story, he enjoys her beauty but redirects himself to keep it not sexual. Like an animal, men have a sexual drive to go after beauty. The more he denies this urge (thank goodness), the more he runs into the woods in response.

This story is memorable and the characters will stick with me for a long time.


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