Scuzzy Neighbors

The neighbor told me last night that a car stopped in front of my house on sunday and held his phone up and waved it around.  He thought he was looking for infared cameras.  He also said that the guy pulled into the driveway of the neighbor between us and did the same thing.  

The guy called the cops, and the car was on the street, but they could not do anything.

I suspect it was some geek playing Pokeman Go.   However, the people across the street are pretty scuzzy. They would have a vested interest in knowing if cameras are pointed at their house.

Especially since I have them.  One is in the porch and looks out. The other is a trail camera screwed on the side of the house. I have them mostly to catch people letting their dog poop in our yard.

I am sentimental and bought this house for keeps.  It was in my wife’s family for a century. But more and more I think of moving.


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