Message to my younger self

The message I would tell my younger self (and a message I would like to tell everyone) is:  Everything will happen when it is supposed to and you will not look back once it does.

I always felt the pressure to catch up.  The list of things I felt like everyone else had attained before me was endless:

Dating, graduating from college, being able to afford my own car insurance, moving out of my parents’ house, getting a real job, getting married, having children.

Though I am in my 50s, I feel like I am finally close to getting things figured out.

Things would have gone much better if I had kept calm. If I had practiced gratitude for what I had.  

And patience!It was not easy, but everything I wanted came in its own time. (And in its own way. And once it did, I savored it.  I worried that I would think, Sure it’s okay now, but what about all those years?  Instead, life went on and the hardships and heartaches disappeared. Or if they didn’t, experience taught me it’s okay, you will survive. I savored what I now had. Yes, if I learned faster, I would have attained more, but there’s nothing you can do about that.

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