Book Review: A Million Billion

I get all of Michael Perry’s books. A Million Billion is a collection of his Roughneck Grace articles, so I can’t say I was anticipating this book. I feel like I have read quite a few of those articles. However, much more often I end up not reading them. Either way, I thoroughly enjoyed the essays and the arrangement of them in this book.

Perry finds a way to write about his oft covered themes (sounds like a bash, but stick with this!) in intriguing, beautiful ways. He takes care of his readers and his family in these essays, but does not shy away and talk about how his life is perfect.

These essays are about daily living, family and being a man in Wisconsin. So I’ve read these looking for an insight into his politics. He makes a foolish politicians comments, but keeps his opinions to himself (I was looking for him to agree with me). I am glad he did not address politics beyond how strange they are these days. We seem to need to go back to a time where we kept out politics to ourselves.

As always, Million Billion is an enjoyable read. Well-written with intriguing word choice. He captures and expounds on daily life so well. Perry shows us how to look at life with gratitude.


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