So many people condemn BLM. And there are events that make people react. However, I don’t think those people would have the same reaction if white people were protesting.

This is not how I wanted this post to go. I wanted to share my beliefs in how we want to judge people on welfare. We get this mentality because we believe in ‘pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps.” To take my thoughts on BLM and combine it with a discussion on welfare, seems, well, discriminatory. Yet it is people’s anger of BLM that got me to thinking.

We want simple answers. We want to take credit for our success. And yes, people have success and earn it. But we cannot then judge people who do not have success.

Stress and trauma affect people in different way. So one person may experience hardship and that motivates them.  Most often though, it stunts a person. It makes thinking difficult and thus good decisions difficult.

The person that does succeed may have certain protective factors that others don’t.  A caring adult in childhood, a good school, access to money or a job to make money.

That is not to say that welfare should be without conditions. Or that vandalism should not have consequences. However, anger and judgement make the problem worse, not better.


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